What's the difference between Finnish saunas, biosaunas and radiant saunas?
Lovers of intense heat will prefer the Finnish sauna with its temperature of 80-90°C and an almost total absence of humidity; the bio sauna with a temperature of around 60-70°C and humidity of about 50-55%, will meet the needs of the whole family; the radiant sauna maximizes the feeling of heat without ever going over 45°.
Do any Glass bathtubs have easy access?
The Elle Bath model, which is also available in the shower-bathtub combi version, provides easy unhindered access.
Does Glass produce customized multifunction shower enclosures?
Glass produces customized multifunction shower enclosures with different kinds of door openings: hinged, sliding or swing. Fitted with a ceiling and functional and emotional features, Glass multifunction shower enclosures make the most of the available space without having to make sacrifices.
Does Glass produce shower panels which are suitable for bathroom renovation work?
There are a number of Glass shower panels available which are suitable for renovation work with a centre-to-centre distance of 150 mm between the hot and cold water connections.
How does the Glass radiant sauna work?
Through an innovative infrared system built into the wood panels, the Glass radiant sauna offers a perfect combination of top performance and aesthetic appeal: heat radiates from the panels around the sauna walls so you can enjoy the benefits of this infrared technology.
What should I do before entering a sauna?
Have a hot shower and dry yourself off carefully; remove any clothes and items which could heat up and cause unwelcome burns.
What should I do after a sauna?
Don’t forget to replace the liquids you have lost by drinking plenty of water, energy drinks or fruit juices.
Is it easy to install a sauna?
It’s quick and easy to install a Glass sauna; all you need is an electrical connection.
What information do I need to design my own hammam?
To assist our clients who want to create a hammam area, Glass has brought together all the useful information you will need on a special form. You can download it from the download area.
Where should I position the steam generator?
Glass offers a vast range of steam generators, each with different visual details and functions, allowing you to choose either a design object which gives the space its very own style or a concealed module housed in the ceiling or in a dedicated technical compartment.
What elements can I use in my hammam?
There are many Glass emotional features available to personalize a hammam and give it a refined look and functional appeal that will satisfy all tastes and needs.
Can I install music and chromotherapy in my hammam area?
Glass offers a Bluetooth audio system and chromotherapy option which can be installed in any hammam to make the most of the wellbeing experience.
Does Glass have any enclosures with ceilings for hammams?
As well as the door and glass panel modules used to create a steam bath with an insulated wall structure, Glass offers various models of hammam enclosures available with a normal, swing or sliding door and ceiling to make installation quick and easy.
Can I order customized seats for my hammam?
In addition to its wide range of removable seats in a variety of styles and materials, Glass can also produce seats in high-density polystyrene depending on its clients’ needs.
Can I use essential oils in the hammam?
Every Glass hammam has an aroma dispenser which diffuses your favourite essence, so you can get maximum benefit from your wellbeing and relaxation experience.
What preparations need to be made before installing a portable MySpa?
All you need is an electricity supply correctly rated according to the model chosen and a drainage well and a cold water inlet near the spa.
What does the ozone system do?
The automatic ozone system, fitted on the whole Glass MySpa range, increases the effectiveness of the filtration system, it neutralizes bacterial growth and guarantees maximum hygiene.
Is the insulating cover really necessary?
The insulating cover helps keep heat in, prevents the filters from premature wear and tear and protects MySpa from leaves, insects and impurities.
When should I fit my spa with a sand filter?
If the spa is going to be used by the general public, cleanliness becomes a number one priority so we recommend you fit your Glass MySpa with a sand filter to maximize the filtration and cleanliness of the water.
What is the correct way to measure a shower tray?
The shower tray must be installed and the walls covered. Measurements are taken from the wall covering to the outer edge of the tray.
What do you mean by the extensibility of a shower enclosure?
These are the minimum and maximum measurements of the total space taken up by the enclosure on the shower tray.
Is the anti-limescale protection available on shower enclosures?
The anti-limescale protection Shining Glass, which protects the glass from limescale build-up and keeps it transparent for longer, is standard on some of the Glass shower ranges, while it can be requested as an optional on the others.
Can I commission a customized shower tray?
There are several models in the wide range of Glass shower trays which can be made to measure to make the most of the available space.
Can I request special features or treatments on shower trays?
It is possible to carry out some special treatments on Razor shower trays, such as oblique cuts or notching, to meet client requirements.
How can I replace my old bathtub with a shower without having to redo the whole bathroom?
Quasar Wall, a wall panel system where horizontal or vertical panels can be matched to the finish on the shower tray, allows you to replace your old tub with a functional and elegant shower area in a quick and easy manner.
Do your Outlet prices include VAT?
All the prices in the Glass Outlet are quoted exclusive of VAT.
Do the Outlet prices include shipment?
Transport and assembly are not included in our Outlet prices; if you require these services, Glass can quote for them when drawing up its estimate.
Can I request assembly when I purchase a product at the Outlet?
Transport and assembly are not included in our Outlet prices; if you require these services, Glass can quote for them when drawing up its estimate.
Are Outlet products complete or can they have minor defects?
The products on sale in the Outlet are either non-catalogue Glass items in stock or products which have previously been on display at our dealers or displayed directly by the company at trade shows or in showrooms. Some may have minor imperfections due to the fact they have been displayed, but the structure and functions of the product are exactly the same.