Glass saunas, customized wellbeing

Highly versatile solutions allow you to make the most of the space available and meet everyone’s needs; each Glass sauna is designed to ensure maximum comfort and attention to detail, whether it is intended for domestic or professional use. The wide range of woods available means the sauna blends in seamlessly with your home and the result is exclusive, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

Wellbeing for everyone

Glass 1989 sauna range offers wellbeing for everyone: Finnish saunas with their temperature of 80-90°C and an almost total absence of humidity; bio saunas, whose temperature is around 60-70°C and humidity of about 50-55%; infrared saunas that maximize the feeling of heat without ever going over 45°C.


Steam baths, a thousand years of history

Any space can be transformed into a place of relaxation and wellbeing! Thanks to its know-howand wide range of versatile solutions, Glass 1989 creates personalised hammams, designed to satisfy all the technical and aesthetical requirements of its customers.

Glass spas

The spas in the MySpa collection by Glass have a sophisticated stylish design, impeccable finishes and perform to the very highest standards.

A versatile spa suited to all needs, MySpa portable is quick and easy to install and does not require any special plumbing systems or dedicated technical compartments. 

Enjoy a unique experience as you abandon yourself to the comforting embrace of the water, letting your mind and body be rejuvenated. In the overflow spa version the water constantly flows over the side of the pool: it overflows into the overflow channels and is conveyed to the balance tank. The water in the spa is automatically topped up, using filtered water which is free of all impurities. The whole system is located in a special technical compartment..

Clean and hygienic - always

Whether your spa is used for domestic or professional purposes, keeping the water scrupulously clean is an essential requirement.
The large filtering surface of the cartridge filters installed on every pump in MySpa portable spas, ensures the water is cleaned quickly and effectively. All the Glass spas can be fitted with a sand filter, which provides superior filtration and, as a result, incomparable cleanliness.
The automatic ozonator increases the effectiveness of the filtration system and guarantees maximum hygiene.